“This album does something original and meaningful with an emotion and experience that is universal yet often not talked about... Vaultry make a very real connection with listeners; their music speaks to the very heart of a person, tapping into emotions that people can empathize with.”
— Amy Thompson, Timbre
“Heartfelt, courageous, and emotional. Combine these attributes with the musicianship that really tells a story and you get a sledgehammer thrust to the gut in Vaultry.” 10/10
— Matty Douglas, Madness to Creation
“This album is not only a masterpiece, but means so much to them, and those around them...Not only has this album helped themselves and those around them immensely emotionally, they wrote some killer tracks at the same time.”
— Jade Kenny, The Permanent Rain Press
“One of the most personal, raw & revealing records you’ll ever hear in your life.”
— Sleepingbagstudios
“Even though we’re simply in the beginning days of 2017, Eulogy will undoubtedly be one of the most gut-wrenching albums that will fall upon listeners all year long.” 8/10
— Soundfiction
“Vaultry has re-invented the sounds that we grew up with - the incredibly driving varied drumbeats coupled with a consistent bassline, clean, accurate and emotional guitar riffs, and sublime vocals with an enviable extent and range.”
— Jessy Savage, Do250

Vaultry have mastered a brooding, vocal-driven indie rock sound, backed by captivating emotional hooks, and a giant anthemic score. This Victoria-based melodic alt-rock band pride themselves on atmospheric textures, passionate vocals, and relentless rhythm sections. Since their 2014 inception, the band’s studio releases and constant performances throughout Canada have fostered an expansive and dedicated fan base both locally and internationally. 

Vaultry entered the scene with their heavy-hitting debut EP, Coven. After gathering a fanbase through the local show circuit, they released a 2017 full-length album, Eulogy, as a dedication to their late guitarist Chasen Fraser. This record tells the story of Chasen's life, growing up transgender and ultimately being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25. The album is a collection of songs written by Chasen during his time in hospice and tracks written by the band upon his passing. Eulogy put the band on the map in Canada, and the four-piece are ready to expand their reach even further.  

Showcasing sung and spoken word vocals, explosive percussions, and dynamic guitars, Vaultry strive to connect to crowds around the world and cut to the emotional core of their listeners. Vocalist Leith Hynds, guitarist Damian Anthony, bassist Josh Christensen, and drummer Devon Bowles round out the Canadian outfit, and they are headed in a new, fresh direction. The band’s current arsenal of even more melodic and symphonic tracks are sure to impress old followers and new listeners.

Since its release, 'Eulogy' has received a massive positive response from fans and critics alike, amassing over 360k plays across online streaming sites such as Spotify and Youtube. 

The band is currently working on new material to expand upon, and experiment with, the melodic and electronic sounds of the last record.

Vaultry is: 

Damian Anthony - Guitar

Leith Hynds - Vocals/Guitar

Josh Christensen - Bass

Devon Bowles - Drums/Percussion